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Welcome to ITFR, an IT support provider specialising in providing personalised support to small and medium-sized businesses.

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First responders. You know who they are: see smoke, call a firefighter; witness a crime, call the police; see an accident, call a paramedic. What about your tech? Who will you call when error messages, flashing lights and unnerving beeps bring your business screeching to a halt? The answer is here: you call IT First Responder.

It might sound silly, but in this modern age, technology is fast becoming an extension of ourselves. When your IT systems malfunction, your whole world can seem to come crashing down too, it’s incredibly stressful. We truly understand this and, above all, aim to solve your queries with a calm, understanding attitude.

Based in Sydney, IT First Responder is a collective of IT experts devoted to making the tech support process simple, streamlined and frustration-free. When you speak to an ITFR professional, you’re interacting with an individual and not a mindless tech support worker. No script and no canned phrases: we’re proud to offer nothing but knowledgeable, honest IT solutions.

That’s what we’re all about. That’s the ITFR difference.

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IT First Responder | The Team

Dan Boufarhat

Senior IT Consultant

Dan is the founder and director of IT First Responder. Technology has been his passion since he was a kid. After years of working for one of the industry’s leading IT training provider, Dan decided to start his own business and provide IT solutions and support to SMBs.  At ITFR Dan’s main focus is building strong customer relationships and ensuring client satisfaction.


IT First Responder | The Team

Olga Burtseva

Operations Manager

Olga holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management with a major in Accounting. With over 10 years of experience in taxation & business services she has a strong understanding of finance and business processes. Olga oversees the operations of the whole company including marketing, sales & accounts.

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IT First Responder | The Team

Barry Trotman

Senior Security Consultant

Barry is a seasoned IT professional and consultant with a passion for Security and modern workplace design for customers.
Barry is focused on providing solutions to customers that provide the maximum value with the best outcome. Barry is our Security lead and Microsoft 365 platform specialist.

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IT First Responder | The Team

Adam Yilmaz

DevOps & Security Administrator

Adam holds a Bachelor Degree in Web development and Phone Applications Development. He specialises in business automation, virtualisation and complex projects. Adam is addicted to uncovering new technologies, and piloting how the new tech can be leveraged to continuously assist our clients in  improving their internal and external processes.

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IT First Responder | The Team

Kenneth Cruse

VoIP & Helpdesk Manager

An avid gamer, Kenneth’s passion is building Gaming, Drafting & Business PCs. He has been part of ITFR team since February 2020, but his training coupled with his enthusiasm and hard work has fast-tracked his career. Ken is consistently skilling up and obtained multiple certs across the VoIP, Microsoft and vendor arena.

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IT First Responder | The Team

Syed Abdul Rahman

DevOps & Security Analyst

I am a disruptive thinker with a background in Information technology and Electronics and my purpose is to make a positive impact on the way people live, work and grow through the power of technology.
I combine my experience and education in IT administration and Network Security. I believe in the mindset of continuous learning and developing oneself which has helped me to grow and improve professionally and as well as personally.

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IT First Responder | The Team

Mitchell Lobsey

Security Analyst

Mitchell is an enthusiastic cyber security student who has a passion for vulnerability management and working towards making businesses more secure. He has interests in gaming, as well as having interests in building computers and tinkering with hardware/software.

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IT First Responder | The Team

Bernardo Silva

Junior Technician

Bernardo is a student of IT from Brazil who is currently majoring in Data Analytics. Since high school, Bernardo has developed a passion for IT and is interested in how data is presented and used in the world. He is also an avid gamer and sportive, enjoying activities that keep him active and fit.

Bernardo has a strong desire to learn new things and is always looking for opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills. In addition to data analytics, he is also interested in coding and is keen to learn new coding languages. Bernardo believes that staying up to date with the latest technology trends is crucial in the IT industry.

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Lara Itfr Team 02 W600

Lara Wakim

Client Satisfaction Manager
Eric Itfr Team 02 W600

Eric Boufarhat

Senior UX UI Designer

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