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4 Tech Essentials for Any Business

In today’s business landscape, whether you’re a solopreneur or a corporate giant, harnessing technology is the key to boosting performance and profitability. As we increasingly integrate technology into our daily operations, certain fundamentals & IT solutions become non-negotiable, regardless of your business’s size.

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Reliable Hardware

Your business's heartbeat lies in its hardware. Dependable devices ensure seamless operations, from tasks as simple as email correspondence to complex project management, enabling you to deliver consistently and efficiently.

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Network Infrastructure

Your business's lifeline is its network. A strong and secure network infrastructure supports real-time communication, data sharing, and customer interactions, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity that fuels growth and customer satisfaction.

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Cyber Protection
& Data Backup

Cyber Protection & Data Backup

Safeguarding your digital assets is paramount. In an era of cyber threats, having robust protection and backup measures ensures that your sensitive data remains intact, and your business stays resilient, even in the face of unexpected events.

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Workspace Tools

Modern Workspace Tools

Empower your team to thrive and amplify customer interactions. Equipping them with advanced tools and IT solutions for seamless collaboration, effective communication, and enhanced productivity not only boosts internal efficiency but also translates to exceptional communication with your customers.

IT Essentials

Cyber Security

You can’t afford to take chances

For any business operating in this online-centric world, neglecting cyber-security is like running a bank without alarms or a shop without locks on the doors. Many smaller businesses understand this but still take a half-hearted approach to cyber-security; imagine buying a safe and leaving it permanently open—almost entirely pointless.

ITFR is devoted to providing the latest and most robust cyber-security solutions in the industry. By partnering with the world’s leading tech security vendors, we’re able to deploy near-impenetrable systems and keep your (and your clients’) data out of the hands of malicious criminals.

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Our experts review our security stacks regularly and updated the cyber security bundles we offer to ensure we are up to date with emerging threats and challenge. Click here for our latest security bundles.

$98 million

financial losses due to Business Email Compromise


cybercrime reports made to ACSC from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

1 every 7 minutes

average frequency of cybercrime reports in Australia


cost per cybercrime report to a business

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